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  • 21 Tips for a Stress-Free Haircut for Your Child with Special Needs
    Hair… washing it, cutting it, braiding it, in fact going anyway near your child’s crowning glory can be a nightmare for many parents of kids with special needs. The sound of the scissors, water in the eyes, the sensation of clippers – it can all be too much for many children, especially if they have sensory issues.
  • Workshop clarifies services for families of people with autism
    HADLEY — Families of children with autism wading through confusing state insurance laws and private programs can get answers at a free workshop Tuesday led by state and local experts.
  • New autism clinic gives parents fresh, closer treatment option in Genesee County
    FLINT, MI – Faced with the prospect of two-hour round trip and thousands of dollars in treatment costs for therapy at the closest center in Royal Oak, Candace Prentice said a new specialty clinic in Genesee County is making it easier for her to get much-needed help for her 5-year-old autistic son.
  • UHCL center receives grant to assist adults with autism
    Recognizing the need to assist adults with autism, the George and Mary Josephine Hamman Foundation awarded $10,000 to University of Houston-Clear Lake’s Center for Autism and Developmental Disabilities. The grant will provide vocational training for adults with high-functioning autism.
  • Living with autism: Mother shares her son’s story
    ELKO — Like any other caring mother, Natalie Myers gets her children prepared each morning for a day at school, in the “real world.” The fact that one of her three children is autistic doesn’t slow down this Elko mom’s mission.